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Pink high arch slippers for toddler
Orthopedic baby walking slippers for an infant
Corrective high arch for ankle pronation toddler girls house shoes.
Made out of fuchsia material.
Side clip that secures slippers. 
Orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circulation of little feet.
Arches are added to the sole of the slippers.
They are not in the lining of the slippers but in the high supportive rubber sole.
Rubber sole never goes flat so foot is supported at all times.
Ultra super baby house shoe by European brand that specializes in supportive slippers for children of all ages.
Made in Europe, not China since Europe only produces quality slippers for kids as they have to correctly form and support their feet and posture.
Every baby in Europe wears them for proper foot support.
They were designed and manufactured by ortho doctor over 30 years ago.
They feature it all of proper high ortho support

Orthopedic baby walking slippers for an infant

Corrective for ankle pronation toddler girls house shoes


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Lynn - West Territory,AU 2012-11-04 18:07:30

Hello from Australia! Those little shoes are wonderful, supportive with great arch inside. My baby enjoys them now. They are adorable as well. The clip makes them stay on nicely and she does not takes them off. I also got few pairs of wonderful shoes with great support. Thank you for fast shipping to West Territory, AU. We have no such stores around here but I read that quality shoes for a child is a must so I continue to buy from your site. Very pleased and grateful!

Shania C from NY 2012-08-28 17:43:18

Cute rabbit shoes for a baby. It was a gift from my sister and they worked out well for us. I just bought a pair of boots from you so I hope they will be wonderful quality like those little slippers.

Rinna from NC 2012-08-16 22:53:44

Those have been great! Excellent heel support and flexibility in a sole. Great arch inside as well. Thank you for great slippers for my baby. She learned how to walk in them. European shoes are such quality and totally worth the money.