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Pink lamb leather girls snow boots with thick wool

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Manufacturer Murek

Product Code: Chick Pink

  • SKU: 14-4578954
  • Tags:  waterproof and snow proof boots for kids

    Pink lamb leather snow boots with thick wool
    Absolute must for cold winter leather boots
    Best for deep snow and cold winter leather ankle leather boots.
    Pink bubble gum pink lamb leather.
    Thick wool and lined with gortex waterproof material best leather boots.
    Anti sweat innersoles that will keep child warm but not sweat. 
    Arches in the leather boots since new technology on the orthopedic shoes places them in the soles.
    Snow leather boots that are cold, wet snow, rain proof in cold temperature and snow.
    They are light in weight, flexible and best for walking in snow with actual traction.
    Orthopedic leather arches are added to the sole of the boot and ankle support is present in them.
    Ankle support is there in the ankle of the snow leather boot.
    Heel stays in the packet at all times keeping the foot supported and elevated.
    Those leather snow boots are great for a toddler or older child, they are manufactured in Europe out of best quality leather and isolated nicely for snow and cold winter.
    Once you try them once you will love them, and buy them every winter season.

    Best for deep snow and cold winter

    Soft leather high top soft rubber boots


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