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Product Code: Maslo Pink

Pink leather orthopedic ankle sandals for girls

Pink leather orthopedic sandals for girls
Ankle supportive closed stiff back that will not bend and keep the foot elevated.
Pronation corrective girls sandals
Profiled soles with none smell innersoles.
Tested in the hottest temperatures
Will never sweat or smell in those sandals ever.
Good arches, orto support, soft supportive pink soles.
Type of a sandal that every child should wear
They keep feet supported and healthy.
Kids in Europe wear only such sandals and end up with well formed feet and posture.
Sandals affect kids feet and body development greatly.
Feet gets formed by the type of shoes child wears.

Only orthopedic supportive shoes will do that - not the cheap ones made in China with zero support.
Cheap shoes deform kids feet, body, feet, posture -
That is why child is pigeon toed or pronated - it is from cheap none supportive shoes that has been wearing.
Investing in good shoes for a child is a must since feet are supporting the body.
If feet cannot carry the weight or they are not formed well - ankles collapsing, pigeon toes develop, flat feet then child body gait shifts.
Pain will get worst with time and whole body gait shifts - all is affected by feet,
Spine, back, knees, feet, posture - all of it.
Every pediatrician, foot doctor will tell you that in Europe.
In USA doctors dismiss good shoes for kids.
Why - business of orthodics and doctors visits.
Check out our blog below. We explained all in detail with images and all

Ankle supportive good arch walking sandals for girls

Flat foot ankle supportive girls walking sandals


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