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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Moda Pink

Prada Canvas Sneakers for Kids with Arches | Made in Spain Shoes

Pink Prada canvas sneakers for kids with arches
White with pink/green heart designer prada sneakers orthopedic Summer shoes for a child.
Ankle high with double velcros on the side and proper ankle support for girls.
Made in Spain by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada correcting pigeon toes and flat feet.
It is a Prada from Spain not from Italy
Prada sneakers made by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for kids.
Lovely shoes for a child orthopedic with best support.
Pink Prada sneakers - yes!
They will pop on kids feet in instant and they just unique and one of a kind.
Great arch inside present with orthopedic support as required from all European made shoes.
Arch support is in the sole of the model and contoured to kids foot.
Rubber never goes flat thus feet are always supported.
Antibacterial soles inside so feet never smell in them either.
Superior quality boot or sneaker that just "pops" on kids feet.
They slide easily on kids feet and close with side velcros.
Designer, unique and top quality for a child with weak ankles.
Ankles are supported with reinforced heel packet that is added to those lovely ankle sneakers.
Shoes from Spain a are fantastic for kids and very original.

Those sneakers are made out of canvas and leather mix.
Velcros and nose of the shoe is made out of leather.
Leather innersoles inside so feet are supported.
Perfect Summer shoe for rotation with supportive leather sandals.

Made in Spain Prada correcting pigeon toes shoes

High tops for kids for weak ankles


Lilly - Houston, TX  -  07/07/2021

Cute sneakers for Summer, canvas with leather and they lasted great whole Spring and well into Summer. Very good fit.

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