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Pronated ankles podiatric boys boots

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Hindy Gray

  • SKU: 90-86
  • Podiatric shoes for a boy with flat feet.
    Arches like inflated pillows in those boots
    Manufactured in Europe according to European orthopedic flat foot standards
    Footwear is regulated in Europe for kids and only orthopedic shoes as those are allowed for manufacture and sale.

    Reason for that is that shoes form kids feet and provide necessary flat foot support
    Therefore best quality shoes are a must for every child with flat feet.
    Kids wear only quality shoes as those and end up with perfect feet, perfect posture, no any orthopedic problems.
    European made shoes are considered medical need for a child not a fashion shoes in any way.
    They are made durable and nice since child only needs two pairs for entire season.
    Season meaning 6 months.
    Those great leather boots are true example of quality
    Gray leather ankle supportive best for flat feet.
    Will restore and support flat feet in kids feet to perfection.

    Toddler flat feet best arch support boots

    Soft high arch walking boots for child


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