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Podiatric shoes for kids with fallen ankles
Ankle support best baby sandals for wide chubby feet.
High instep best with excellent arch support for podiatric fallen ankles.
Supportive heel for ankles pronation and best orthopedic arch support for fallen ankles.
Blue leather with hint of orange.
Great podiatric ortho ankles sandals for a boy with proper support
Ortho best ankles sandals for kids like all the shoes in Europe
Only orthopedic podiatric sandals of that caliber are produced in Europe
Sandals as those form kids feet so it is important that children wear quality shoes at all times.
All foot deformities kids experience are from cheap none supportive shoes worn as children.
Shoes manufactured in China have zero support and over time will deform child's foot causing fallen ankles.
You will notice that child walks with pronated fallen ankles or pigeon toes.
This is caused by junk shoes - nothing else.
Crocks and Keens any sneakers in USA are clear examples of junk shoes that will destroy you kids feet and cause fallen ankles.
Podiatric shoes sold to children in USA are all made in China and they offer zero support
All they do is destroy and deform kids ankles feet and posture

Please Note: this style runs big so order size smaller.
The soles on those sandals run big so store clients bought one size smaller. 

High instep ankles sandals for toddler

Supportive heel for ankle pronation and best orthopedic


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Erika, Miami 2016-02-11 04:55:45

Those sandals are phenomenal quality to say the least. Support, flexibility, color and most importantly fit on my baby's foot. Perfect for wide feet. They adjust easily and I do not see any red marks on my baby's feet. He wears them everyday and does not want to even take them off while in the house. I just bought a pair of grey ones in a bigger size since in Florida sandals could be worn all year. Will buy more shoes in the future for sure. The size suggested was correct out of the box. E-mail them and they will suggest best shoes for your baby, wonderful store.