Podiatrist recommended pronation best house shoes for a toddler

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Pronation best house shoes toddler
Ankle is supported well when child is walking and standing
They are not soft at the heel of the slipper best for toddler with pronation
That heel prevents ankle pronation in kids keeping it straight at all times.
The close with side clip that it opens easily but it is hard for child to open it.
That clip is better then any velcro you ever tried.
You can stabilize the feet with that clip since you can adjust them well so they hold baby's ankles.
The ankle will be straight and stable using that side clip.
That clip was the invention of the year about 10 years ago.
We sell hundreds of them with that clip even better then velcro ones.
Best ortho pronation toddler house shoes that you can buy for a child
Wear them with rotation of good leather shoes outside since child does need good slippers as well.
They form kids feet as well and provide needed support for little forming feet.
Designed and manufactured in Europe.
Invented by orthopedic doctor and improved over the years.
Soles never sweat - child can wear them with or without any socks.
Arches added to the sole of the model since no flat shoes or slippers is ever produced in Europe.
Slippers and shoes are viewed as developmental need for a child, health product.
It is not a fashion statement in any way.
Europeans would never paid any money for decorative slippers or shoes if they had no value for kids feet.
We will spent the money on quality only and for a child shoes are much more then decoration.
Child's feet will begun to turn, pronate and become flat if cheap shoes with zero support are worn.
Thus invest in quality shoes only.
2 pairs per season is more then enough and consistency is a key here.
This slipper should be an addition to good supportive leather shoe for rotation.
Meaning good shoes for a child 24/7 only so their feet develop well.
Don't rotate them with cheap shoes as you never see any difference and they might deform kids feet in a process.
Canvas is a breathable material that will never sweat but keep feet cool and protected.
Millions of kids wear them in day cares and in the house.
In Europe child runs barefoot on the sand if on the beach but in the pronation child house kids wear those pronation slippers at all times.
If child is running on flat surfaces like wooden floors, tiles or carper how is the little foot supported then?
It is not...so those pronation child slippers were developed back in 1980.
Studies were done in Europe as to barefoot and all doctors agree - on the sand since it contours to feet but flat surface does not.
Those pronation slippers work great and support toddlers feet well and it is next best thing to leather high tops.
They are not restrictive in any way for child to run, walk and play.
Kids even take naps in them in Europe.
European kids even wore them back in 1980 during communism and they were just very plain models by then.
Factories were government owned so appearance of them was not a key here.
The reason they manufactured them so local kids feet would develop correctly since we in Europe had public healthcare and it would not be efficient if every child had deformed feet from none orthopedic shoes.
It was medical cost saving product for children and still is in Europe.
No cheap shoes with zero support is even allowed for sale in Europe.
We have Ministry of Health regulating footwear for children in European Union since it is viewed as developmental product.

Good arch house shoes for a child learning to walk

Podiatrist recommended house shoes


Anna  -  01/06/2020

Superior quality for wide feet...my son loves them.

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