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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Lupus Blue

Posture best weak ankle sneakers

Posture support weak ankle sneakers
Made in Europe according to orthopedic European standards.
Those shoes are leather with good orthopedic arch support
Antibacterial soles present to no sweaty feet.
Blue leather with navy/white on navy soles.
Ankle is supported in them well with reinforced heel support.
Perfect sneakers for weak ankles, flat feet and pronation.
Notice the back of those sneakers - they have reinforced heel support
There is a peace of leather inside that keep ankles straight and aligned.
When child wears them whole ankle drops into the shoe so feet will not pronate in them.
Durable and well made shoes for a child.
Kids in Europe wear only shoes as those with proper support so they can prevent all orthopedic problems.
They also restore kids feet over time and provide needed support.
Do you know that most ortho problems kids experience are due to low quality none supportive shoes
Therefore avoid cheap shoes that are not supportive, it will cost child more problems then you can imagine.
We Europeans stay away from shoes made in China, as they truly worst thing for small growing developing feet.

Kids European blue leather sneakers

Excellent orthopedic arch support kids sneakers


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