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Posture corrective brown orthopedic shoes boys

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Pazurek Brown

  • SKU: 12-45785
  • Posture corrective orthopedic shoes for boys
    Brown handsome leather dressy sneakers for a boy.
    with good heel support for weak ankles.
    Corrective orthopedic brown leather with high arches.
    Posture corrective best since they offer corrective heel support.
    Posture is affected by footwear that child is wearing as they form and support their feet.
    Feet are supported and formed by good orthopedic shoes and they affect posture as well.
    Decorated with soccer player figure located on the site of the style.
    Corrective for pigeon toes boys
    Great stiff heel corrective support for weak posture.
    Wide soles and high instep corrective for whole body gait.
    Feet will not sweat in those sneakers corrective walkers.
    Anti-sweat corrective soles inside those handsome corrective orthopedic best.
    Quality for child with feet and corrective posture problems.
    Those also prevent feet problems and help to restore damage that was already made
    Kids shoes form their feet so it is important that they wear best footwear at all times.
    Corrective shoes are a investment in good posture and well formed feet.

    Ortho corrective sneakers for boys

    Soft walking shoes for a boy with support


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    Svetlana - S. Dakota, US 2014-12-11 02:27:27

    I hesitated to order those shoes because I did not liked that ball player on the side of the style. I wanted them to be rather dressy not so casual. However when they arrived they are dressy enough and look great with any pants. You can't hardly notice that side decoration. Sharp shoes....Leather on them is great, arch support, fit - perfect, quality shoes for a boy. I am so glad that I found this site since it is harder and harder to find original shoes that are in fact manufactured in Europe. I bought Naturino shoes recently from other site and they made in China, sorry how is that European shoe? I will spent money on quality shoes not copies from China.

    Jessica D from Wisconsin 2012-04-24 17:18:24

    Those are just sharp shoes! Ordered them for Easter and they far the best shoes I ever bought for my son. He enjoys to wear them to school and even casual when we go out. His feet normally sweat a lot but not in those shoes! They have huge arch support in them. Well made shoes. I will buy this brand again for sure.