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Posture problems high ankle support boots
Abnormal foot
arch best corrective boots.
High top walking boots for kids
Gray in color with dark gray accent.
Soft leather used with proper arch and heel support for kids.
None sweat soles for kids
Best high tops boots for kids made in Europe.
Will not leak water ok to wear in a rain.
Great high tops for child.
Proper posture boots for a child.
Footwear is important for kids as they form kids feet.
Buy only supportive best shoes for your child and avoid shoes from China
They destroy kids feet, gait and body alignment.
All orthopedic problems in kids are caused by low quality shoes.
That is why in Europe no shoes from China are sold or allowed.
Every producer have to make them locally and according to European orthopedic standards.

Abnormal foot arch best corrective boots

High top walking boots for kids


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Steven 2014-02-21 17:39:43

I wish there was an option to attach a picture here of those boots we owned for 6 months now. Practically worn all the time and they look great to pass to another child. My son still wears them since they are his favorite shoes. This is a true quality boot and this store sells only top brands - so I have no problem paying a bit more for a boot that it is supportive, quality and actually good for my son's feet.

Nina from Northbrook, IL 2012-08-30 00:14:34

Kinga - where are you finding those wonderful brands????Where??? I used to visit the store in Glenview now I drive to Wilmette. I just bought those wonderful boots for my son. TRULY AMAZING QUALITY! I just came from Italy and I wanted to buy some fashionable shoes for my son, however, none of the Italian boutiques even compare to selection and quality you offer in the store. So I did not brought any - instead I walked out of Wilmette store with 7 pairs of shoes, gym shoes slippers and boots. Thank you for selection and quality over those years. I will be back in a Spring!

David - Anchorage, Alaska 2012-08-23 23:45:01

Top quality boots for a child. Soft, well made with best arch support that I had seen in a while. I used to bought Naturino shoes but since over the years the quality went down a heel and they are not that durable I begun buying other brands. I had many shoes made in Poland and they are wonderful! I had no clue that Polish shoes were that good! Kudos to Poland!

Janice C from NJ 2012-07-23 18:40:47

Wonderful boot with fantastic color for a boy. Those boots are soft, well made with superior arches inside. I was truly impressed with their quality. My son walks in them nicely and they flex well when he is walking in them. We got them for Fall already. Thank you for shipping them to us so quickly. You are our No#1 store for shoes!