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Posture shoes for girls that support ankles from Spain

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Brands Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Novela Purple

  • SKU: 11-452
  • Supportive heel that will prevent pronation
    Have reinforced heel so girls feet will not turn inwards in those posture shoes.
    Orthopedic arches present with good support
    None sweat soles present like in all European posture shoes.
    Flat foot girls mary janes decorated with heart.
    Best brand leather posture shoes for a girl from Spain.
    Well processed purple patent leather. 

    Anti sweat girls leather posture shoes, no smelly feet in those posture shoes.
    Only quality leather used for production of that shoe.
    Good walking soles, tested by manufacturer.
    Unique girls posture shoes from Europe.
    Prada posture shoes for kids very unique designer shoes for kids

    Flat foot best support leather shoes

    Orthopedic leather shoes for a child from Spain


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