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Posture white shoes for kids with arches

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Manufacturer Geox

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 12-452
  • Posture shoes for kids with arches
    They feature heel support and arches
    They are actual good sneakers with proper foot support.
    White/fuchsia leather durable construction.
    Geox makes good sneakers for kids
    Best for gym since they have none marking soles.
    Try them as a sneaker they actually offer decent support for kids feet.
    Ankle supportive sneakers with reinforced ankle support preventive for pronation.
    Good arches present with none sweat soles that are antibacterial.
    Could be worn with no socks entire summer.
    Those are fuchsia with lime in color and they pop on kids feet.
    Soles are soft and none marking so will not leave marks on the gym floor.
    Perfect school gym shoes for girls.
    We sell them pretty much entire season locally and girls like them.
    If they were not orthopedic and met the ortho standards we would never sell them.
    All the sneakers sold on USA market are not orthopedic, not supportive and they deform your child's feet over time.
    95% of orthopedic problems are caused by wearing none supportive shoes as a child.
    That is why in Europe every child wears such shoes and ends up with well formed feet.

    Excellent orthopedic arch support sneakers

    White sneakers for teen girls


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