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Posture support kids brown sneakers with arches

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Manufacturer Naturino

Product Code: Rubin Brown

  • SKU: 0012014590 04 1D52
  • Posture support kids sneakers with arches
    High arch baby walking sneakers made with leather and mash material.
    Leather inside and out but outside has a mash material decoration.
    Decorated with blue leather stripe that pops on those cool shoes.
    Proper arches, ankle support with antibacterial sweat soles for children.
    Absolute best for kids feet and growing and forming kids feet.
    Good ankle support for pronation prevention.
    Wide toe box with best ankle support.
    Proper shoes for a new walker.
    Made in Serbia out of best quality leather.
    Those are causal little sneakers that could be worn entire season.

    High arch baby walking shoes made with leather

    Velcro walking shoes for a toddler


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