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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Burmistrz Blue

Sandals for kids with profiled arched soles

Profiled sandals or t-strap shoes for kids with arch inside
Yes, every shoe manufactured in Europe is with profiled soles.
No such thing as flat shoes in Europe for any child.
Good shoes are very important for posture and feet development.
They form kids feet, prevent pronation, pigeon toes and ankles turning inwards.
Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with best shoes as those.
European kids only wear such shoes and end up with well formed feet and posture.
No child displays any orthopedic problems.
You wonder why?
Since they wear only best shoes with support.
Footwear is regulated for kids in Europe where best shoes are only allowed for sale.
We do not have any lo0w quality shoes there as shoes are viewed as developmental need for a child not a fashion statement.
Those sandals are not exception.
They are leather with profiled soles and easy on and off with velcros.
Your child will walk in them well and feet will be supported at all times.

Open Spring shoes for a toddler with support

Blue sandals for a baby boy


Mom from Nebraska  -  19/07/2021

My son likes them and wears them everyday, easy on and off with those velcros. Profiled soles - great little shoes.

Miriam - PA, US  -  15/08/2019

Super soft shoes, that is what little feet need support and good leather.

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