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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Hp Gray

Pronated ankles best toddler gray ankle boots

Pronated ankles best toddler boots.
Collapsed ankles almost touching the floor
Yes, we do have children coming to the store with such ankles.
They are caused by wearing shoes with no ankle support when smaller children.
Child needs good ankle support in any shoe, sandal, sneaker or boot that child's wears.
Will support muscle and will restore pronated ankles in boys.
Wear ankle high, European made boots as those and do not rotate them with any cheap shoes
Quality boots align their feet while cheap ones destroying and deforming them over time.
If you want to see improvement buy 2 quality European made shoes and wear them as rotation.
Gray and orange child boot with best support and super flexible sole

Soft sole with best heel and ankle support.
Made in Europe for a boy that needs supportive shoes.
Smooth gray/orange leather and decorated with B logo.
Orthopedic support present inside since that is a standard in any genuine European made shoe.
Flexible soles for walking and running.
Best shoe for boy with walking and ankle problems.
Arches are crazy high in those boots, added to the sole like all shoes made in Europe.
Don't think of shoes as shoes, they have a purpose in forming kids feet and assure healthy posture. 

Soft sole with best heel and ankle support

Walking boots for a child with pronation


Gina - NC  -  25/10/2019

Those are truly great boots and fit my son so well. Thank you.

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