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Pronated feet children best corrective boots
Feature proper heel support and high arches for kids
Total ankle support kids boots that over time will correct pronation.
Extra soft leather for total comfort in walking.

Made out of purple leather with hint of pink.
Decorated with side flower.
Made in Europe out of quality leather.
Purple and pink rubber sole with good traction.
Orthopedic arch with support build into the innersole sole of the shoe.  
Only boots made in Europe will correct child's feet
Absolutely avoid shoes made in China as they deform kids feet.
Pigeon toe, pronation, tip toe walking is caused by child wearing shoes with zero support.
Over time they destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
Every child does need supportive orthopedic shoes that are good for their feet.
They support not just feet but posture, back, knees, spine and overall body gait.
Shoes from China cause opposite effect and deform feet to the point orthopedic problems arise.

Ankles turning inwards best corrective shoes

Soft leather and good arch support boots


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