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Pronation best correction shoes for kids

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  • Pronation best correction shoes for kids
    Deep in the back with reinforced heel so ankles will be supported at all times.
    Orthopedic arches present in the soles of the model
    No flat shoes is ever produced in Europe as they form and support kids feet.
    Leather is top quality as well since no harmful chemicals are allowed for leather processing and paint.
    Leather made in China has traces of mercury on it.
    Any jacket, shoes, sofas, belts - any leather from China has it.
    USA customs captures only 1 container out of 100,000 that enters daily
    They inspect it - sent it back to China but it comes back anyway with another shipment.
    This leather and shoe comes from France.
    Europe has sooo different regulations as to toxicity, fit and purpose of the shoes for kids.
    Shoes form kids feet so they have to be absolute best quality possible
    Those are lowly casual shoes for a child.
    Leather is well processed and does not scuff.
    Made out of gray metallic leather with a hint of shimmer.
    Proper shoes for a child with actual support.
    Lovely best made in France. 

    Gray casual girls shoes from France.

    Quality leather shoes with good arch for kids.


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