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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Somerset Jeans

Pronation best high top kids jeans sandals

Closed heel ankle support built to keep feet supportive and elevated.
Pronation best high top kids sandals.
They are high in the back and foot literally drops into them when child has them on.
Back of that shoe is sturdy and well supported - despite that they appear to be low at the heel
The effect is the same as in those ankle high shoes or boots.

Will support ankles and over time improve feet and posture.
Ankle supportive best sandals for kids
In toeing shoes or kids that correct toddlers feet.
Supportive sandals best for kids with flat feet and weak ankles.
Made in Europe for a boy that needs supportive shoes.
The company that makes them in Europe specializes in medical shoes so they are truly the best kind you can buy out there.
Made with blue and lime leather.
Orthopedic arches like inflated pillows.
Closed toe style so it is ok to wear as shoe or sandal in the summer.
No smelly feet in those shoes anti smell antibacterial soles.
Child can wear them barefoot in the summer but stretch them with socks first.
Best summer shoe for any child.

Intoeing shoes or kids that correct toddlers feet

Ankle supportive best sandals for kids


Mark from SC.  -  28/05/2021

Those are some hell of best shoes I have bought. Durable beyond expectations. Will buy that brand again and again. Helped with my son's ankle pronation greatly - more then any doctors prescribed orthodics.

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