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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Jovi Navy

Pronation preventive best kids shoes

Pronation preventive best kids sneakers
Cool teen boy sneakers with good ankle support.
Geox sneakers have a heel structure that keeps ankles in a packet
Ankles do not collapse in those cool gym shoes.
Orthopedic arches are added into the soles of those shoes
Arch is contoured into the soles of the shoes so foot is supported at all times.
Quality sneakers for a child with good arches
Arches present in those sneakers with proper ortho support
None marking soles so they best for gym use.
Among best sneakers for kids with actual foot support for a child
Soft yet supportive sneaker for child and widely sold in Europe.
They are the only orthopedic sneakers in USA that are common sold in USA.
Rest of the brands are junk and they deforming kids feet and posture.

Quality sneakers for a child with good arches

Green sneakers for kids with arch


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