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Girls navy mary janes pronation preventive

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Frika Navy

  • SKU: 12-4578569
  • Pronation preventive girls mary janes
    Great navy casual or school shoes appropriate girls shoes
    Quality shoes with established ankle support that will not bend or turn when girls is walking.
    Heel stays in the packet at all times
    Orthopedic best arches and none sweat soles.

    Great European shoes for a girl decorative with small buckle on the instep.
    School girls wear such shoes to school in Europe with proper support
    No child walks around with pronated deformed ankles or pigeon toes
    The reason for that is that is footwear for kids in Europe is regulated
    No cheap none orthopedic shoes are not allowed.
    Only supportive orthopedic shoes only.
    Wearing such shoes guaranteed well formed feet and good posture as an adult.
    Those shoes not only support kids feet but restore them to proper position.
    Avoid local shoes sold in USA - they are not orthopedic and destroying your kids feet.

    Navy casual shoes for girls with high arch

    Good arch walking shoes for girls


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    Joyce from PA 2012-08-09 00:17:22

    Adorable school shoes - fashionable - not dull, plain looking. The fit on them is superior. Once my daughter placed them on she did not wanted to take them off. Well, - it is a keeper.

    Diana S from RI 2012-05-10 17:08:43

    Those have been the best school shoes I ever bought for my daughter. She wore them entire year without any problems. The shoes after being worn entire year have no scratches or dents on them. Amazing quality. Arch support in those shoes is great and they fit very well. Her feet never perspired in those shoes either. Although they cost money but they worth it since I bought that one pair and they lasted entire year. I will sure buy another pair in bigger size as it comes to school season. Very Happy with those shoes!