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Pronation shoes with best ankle and arch support for girls

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    Pronation shoe wear for kids
    Yes, they are proper shoes for kids to help with pronation and restore child's foot.
    Pronation is caused by wearing low quality shoes with no ankle support
    Over time child's feet begun to collapse and turn inwards
    That is a cause of none supportive shoes child been wearing with no heel support, no arch no proper leather support.
    Shoes form and shape kids feet so in Europe they are viewed as medical need for a child.
    Every child wears quality shoes from baby to teen years.
    As an adult person ends up with perfectly shaped and formed feet and posture.
    Shoes from China with no support are not even allowed for sale in any of European countries.
    Foot wear for kids is regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    Every producer have to make kids shoes locally and according to orthopedic guidelines.
    This system works well since Europe does not spends money on orthodics and improving deformed kids feet.
    Parents spent money on good shoes for kids instead of orthodics.
    USA has opposite system where first kids wear junk shoes so their feet are deformed and then orthodics are sold to make an improvement.
    Orthodics will never restore child's deformed feet, only make some improvement.
    Proper support is only achieved with proper ankle supportive shoes or sandals that are European made.
    USA does not produces orthopedic shoes, neither does China - only European countries.
    Shoes are expensive there as well but they properly made.
    Best leather is used, orthopedic support present, ankle support evident.
    Child should wear only such shoes to avoid any orthopedic problems.
    Just ask yourself - how does shoes made out of cheap leather, rubber or synthetic material that are cheaply made will support your kids feet?
    The effect is quite opposite - they deform them. Any brand sold on USA market is junk and made in China.
    China does not know how to manufacture shoes properly, even for adults they are low quality shoes.
    We Europeans never buy their product since quality is none existent.
    Therefore don't think shoes as shoes for kids - think proper foot development and good posture.
    Those cute shoes are clear example how quality shoes should be made.

    Orthopedic walking girls shoes from Europe.
    Red and purple leather with ortho arches present.
    Proper ankle support, none sweat soles.
    Best corrective high top for a girl that you can buy.

    Orthopedic walking girls shoes from Spain

    Kids shoes with arches


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    Nina from Australia 2015-04-15 14:32:21

    We just received them! Lovely shoes, well made and cute as they can be. My daughter was trilled when she opened the box. I also ordered lovely leather boots with this shipment and they superior as well. Thanks for speedy ship to Victoria. We do have very few stores here that sell such quality and the price on the shoes is much, much higher in Ausssie Dollars. It is a true deal for me.

    Laura 2014-10-03 23:39:53

    Great shoes for a 3 years old! Wonderful and support is top notch! We will enjoy them this Fall. I love buying shoes from you since there is never issue and they wear fantastic. Brands I never heard of but great shoe every time and made in Europe.