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Pronation stop boys high leather sandals.
Heel supportive best orthopedic pronation sandals for walking to stop all orthopedic pronation problems.
Made out of beige/orange smooth leather with hint of lime.
Decorated with white/lime stitching.
High arch present, heel support, reinforced heel for fallen ankles to stop pronation.
Heel is supported at all times and over time will correct and stop pronation
Orthopedic pronation best sandals for a boy to stop weak ankles.
Wear them in ultra hot weather will not sweat not give any blisters to a child's feet.
Acti fresh innersoles inside, feet will not sweat in them.
Child will love those high ankle sandals and stop pronation.
We sell hundreds of them every year for boys of all ages with and without pronation.
Tested model through many children since we had them in dozens of colors.
Kids like to wear them and end up liking the comfort of those sandals.
Made in Europe - not China, we never sell shoes made in China.
Pronation is a serious orthopedic pronation problem that will not only deform kids feet but cause body gait to shift as well.
When child grows up their feet, back, posture and knees will hurt since feet were not supported with correct shoes when they were growing up.

Heel supportive best orthopedic sandals for walking

Active kids best walking sandals


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