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Girls pink shoes best for pronation

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Weronika Pink

  • SKU: 555-895689
  • Pronation stop kids shoes with support. 
    Pink sandals for girl that needs ankle support for pronation.
    Corrective high top leather shoes for girls.
    Ultra soft leather with proper ankle support.
    Pink leather t-straps decorated with flower.
    Orthopedic arch support and none sweat soles
    Could be worn barefoot and will not sweat in them ever.
    Good soles with traction for youngster.
    Try them absolute best kids shoes
    Put only quality shoes on your child's feet as they shape their feet.
    Cheap shoes destroy the feet and corrective shoes form them as the should be.
    Feet support posture, spine, body gait - so imagine if those are deformed how would that affect a child when adult.
    That is why we never put cheap shoes on kids feet in any European country.
    You do not save any money just causing more problems in the future.
    Shoes as those are expensive in Europe as well.
    With Euro exchange we pay sometimes even more for this caliber of a shoe.
    People who manufacture those shoes are get paid living wages plus quality materials are used.

    Soft sandals for a toddler with arches

    Corrective high top leather shoes for girls


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