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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Timaron Blue

Proper closed heel baby sandals for new walker

Proper closed heel sandals for a new walkers
Ankle high, tip toe stop sturdy with proper heel support
Exactly type of a sandal that child should wear if tip toe walking.
Get 2 pairs of such high European sandals or shoes and rotate between them.
The reason for it is when child is tip toe walking the leather on the shoes becomes softer
The shoes for kids walking on toes have to be stiff and supportive and that makes them stop tip toe walking
If you rotate them then child will wear them for rotation so later stays stiff and it is sturdy longer.
Over a period of few months they will stop tip toe walking.
They support fallen arches orthopedic sandals for girls as well.

Pure quality tip toe walking stop sandals for a child.
Festive and colorful girls leather blue sandals decorated with rainbow heart.
Proper ankle support sandals for a toddler that is tip toe walking.
Ankle best for a child with weak ankles and pronation.
They will restore baby feet and offer proper ortho support and stop tip toe walking.
European sandals are the only orthopedic supportive ones and best for tip toe walking
They will form your baby feet in a proper way and prevent tip toe walking.
Children might tip toe walking due to tight foot muscles so proper shoes as those are a must.
Europe produces only orthopedic shoes so they all offer best ankle support and heel support for walking.

Orthopedic sandals for a baby from Spain

Good support sandals for a child


Lali  -  16/02/2020

Great, dressy shoe for a baby. She wears them non stop and they look great with any outfit.

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