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Girls sandals with closed heel

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Brands Dawid

Product Code: Bahama Blue

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    Proper ortho kids sandals
    Notice they have reinforced ankle support and they are not soft at the heel
    That ankle support keeps foot aligned in a packet and prevents it from pronation.
    Foot is stable and straight in them, even if they are appear to be low at the heel
    Trust us they work like a dream for pronation.
    Those are truly orthopedic shoes for a child with all the features that every child does need.
    Arch support is added to the soles of the model since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
    Leather lining goes on the top to support the foot.
    Antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty feet ever.
    Perfect to wear them with no socks all Summer long.
    Sky blue leather with pink velcros and flowers.
    Has all the makings of best kids summer sandal.
    Ankle support, anti sweat soles, high arches
    Those type of shoes should be worn by every child as they form and shape their feet.
    Shoes form kids feet therefore it is important that they wear best shoes at all times.
    Only two pairs are needed per season.
    Season meaning five to six months.
    Consider that well money spent
    You will avoid foot doctor visits, orthodics that will never restore your child's foot to healthy state.
    Custom orthodics only create improvement but never restore foot to healthy condition.
    Not made in China despise Crocks, Keens, cheap sandals since they causing all the foot problems in kids.

    Wide width quality sandals for kids with good arches

    European made girl's sandals with best arch support.


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