Purple snow boots for girls with arches

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Preit Purple

Purple snow boots for girls with arches
Orthopedic with proper ankle and foot support for girls.
Made in Europe out of best leather and with proper ankle and foot support.
Good shoes for children that correctly form their feet.
Boots are lined with gortex and wool mix that makes them top quality and waterproof.
They are absolute best for kids feet with orthopedic support.
Even snow boots for a child form their feet so they are made supportive in Europe.
Europe does not allow cheap none supportive shoes for children ever.
They have to be light in weight, have ortho support and proper heel support.
Basically the type of shoes child wears that is how their feet form and develop.
If you place heavy rubber boots on your child then feet will deform over time.
Look at UGS - are those good for your child when ankles and heels are collapsing causing supination?
Did you know they cause pigeon toes as well -
Sole is not orthopedic - wide and over time shifts body gait and turns the feet inwards.
That is how you get pigeon toes - you get that from cheap shoes worn when a child.
There is no surgery that exists to correct that issue, orthodic will help in some way but they never restore kids feet and posture.
Only supportive shoes with good orthopedic arches and heel support will help and slowly restore kids feet.
That is why European shoes cost money and they totally worth it for a child to wear.
We Europeans pay money for them and we always did.
Shoes in Europe are made completely differently then they are in China.
Time and money is spent on labor and fit.
Fit is a key, ankle support and orthopedic support.
Don't think of shoes as shoes, think developmental tool for your child that is absolutely needed.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

Good shoes for children that correctly form their feet

Warm wool snow boots for kids


Thomas D - 27/12/2019

Tall and great for snow, color is great too since they fashionable. Good for snow and cold and slushy weather. Price a bit high but you will pay more in Europe for such boots, I know I just returned from France and kids shoes were about 50% more then here.

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