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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Danka Lavender

Quality house shoes ankle supportive for baby

Quality house shoes for baby
Baby girls slippers with good arch
Ankle support best house shoes for walking.
Lavender/pink canvas material filled with flowers
None smell and sweat soles for a child
Orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model.
Basically the sole is contoured to child's foot and arch support is added there.
This is the best improvement technology since 1990 where the orthopedic arch is added to the sole of the model.
That way foot is supported at all times when child is wearing those super slippers.
None sweat soles present with antibacterial lining
That feature alone absorbs sweat and smell from kids feet so imagine no sweaty smelly feet ever.
Great walking ortho soles.
Absolute best foot forming ortho house shoes for a baby.
They are very popular in Europe and almost every reputable company manufactures them.
They support baby's feet, give them stability, ankle support and secure their walking.
Kids love them and love to wear them, we sell hundreds of them every year.
Those slippers are certified by orthopedic Ministry of Health in Europe since all the shoes manufactured there have to be certified and made in Europe.
No cheap slippers is ever sold or produced there.
Orthopedic only with best support since that is what little growing and forming feet need.

Baby girls slippers with good arch

Canvas shoes for a toddler with weak ankles


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