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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Krawiec Navy

Kids plead slippers for wide chubby feet and high instep

Quality kids slippers with good arch support
First-rate youngsters slippers with arch guide
Kids plead slippers for wide chubby feet and high instep
Perfect house slippers for a toddler with arches.
Orthopedic ankle supportive infant slippers exceptional for wide feet and high instep toddler.
Produced from canvas cloth but supportive with orthopedic innersoles.
They support ankles very well with reinforced heel
Excellent ortho house footwear that you can purchase on your toddler
Slippers have been designed by way of orthopedic doctor in Europe and provide optimal support for growing and developing feet.
Every child in Europe wears them due to the fact they provide perfect foot support.
They function all best ankle, arch, none sweat soles, heel aid and all.
Toddler will never sweat in those shoes due to special soles that absorb sweat from kids feet.

High quality kids slippers with support

Orthopedic ankle supportive baby slippers


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