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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Luk Blue

Quality leather sneakers for a toddler boy

Blue sneakers with arches for active toddler.
Bowlegs corrective sneakers for a toddler.
Best ankle support, high arches and reinforced heel support.
Orthopedic with good ankle support and stable heel for pronation.
Even they appear to be lower at the heel they feature reinforced ankle that keeps child's foot in a packet.
That feature alone prevent pronation since shoes for a child cannot be soft at the heel.
None sweat soles present that prevents child from sweating in those shoes.
Kids feet sweat more then adults so those soles with acti-fresh are a must.
Every European shoe manufacture add them to the shoes.
Orthopedic arches present in those cool blue shoes.
The shoes are decorated with multicolored leather stripes.
Unique design for a child and only made in Spain.
They slide easily on child's foot and close with a side velcro. 
Orthopedic arch with support build into the innersole sole of the shoe.  
Flexible gray rubber sole with superior traction.
Those are proper ankle high supportive shoes for a child
They are hand made with care and leather on them top quality.
Spanish produce some of the best footwear on the planet.
They are known for quality and durability and best support that every child does need.
The shoes are always supportive and orthopedic since they form and support kids feet and posture.
Invest in good supportive shoes for a child as their feet are changing and forming.
They affect their ankles, posture and body gait.
If your child is wearing cheap shoes they will end up with deformed feet guaranteed.

European sneakers for a child with weak ankles

Bow legs supportive toddler sneakers


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