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Red leather tall snow boots for toddlers

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Manufacturer Murek

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  • SKU: 99-7845
  • Red snow boots for toddlers
    Adorable and very light snow boots for child with flat feet.
    Toddlers feet turn in and are flat best shoes.
    Made out of the best quality red/white lamb leather.
    Lovely style and proper ortho red snow boots
    Waterproof and snow proof for girls
    Soft leather with gortex and wool mix
    Made in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by European Orthopedic Society.
    Even snow boots produced in Europe are orthopedic and best quality.
    They form and shape kids feet and posture.
    Every child wears them in Europe since no other shoes from China is allowed as they destroying kids feet.

    Please note: this is a display model and right shoe has yellow discoloration on the sole.
    White soles once exposed to daylight sometimes discolor and turn yellow.
    Right boot has discolored sole, left one is fine.
    Over time during the wears both soles will turn yellow anyway.
    Discoloration does not affect the wear in any way.

    Wool lined best toddler boots

    Best quality smooth red lamb leather


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