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Rose color leather new walker baby shoes

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Mortysia Pink

  • SKU: 45478585
  • Rose color leather baby shoes 
    Soft new walking leather footwear for baby.
    Best start up walkers for a baby.
    Biomechanical sole
    with best heel and ankle support
    They have it all, proper support for a new walking baby
    Made in Spain.
    Made with smooth rose leather and decorated with lady bugs and flowers.

    Orthopedic big arches.

    Best quality baby leather footwear for a small baby.
    Absolute best new walkers for a baby that you can buy
    They feature it all - ankle support, good arch and proper support for growing and developing feet.
    Good baby leather footwear as those are a must for any child as they form support kids feet and posture.
    European children only grow up on quality baby leather footwear and they do not display any orthopedic problems.
    Shoes form kids feet, posture, body gait, and provide needed support for growing feet.
    Every pediatrician and foot doctor recommends quality baby leather shoes as those to parents and explains in detail what baby leather shoes exactly do to kids feet and posture.
    As a result kids in any European country grow up on quality baby leather shoes and they do not display any feet issues.
    Shoes in Europe are viewed as medical, developmental need for a child - not a fashion statement in any way.
    No brand is allowed to manufacture them in China since leather footwear for kids is regulated by Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    Europe does not import shoes from China nor manufactures them there as China has no clue how to make anything of quality.
    They have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is so how can they even make good supportive shoes in a first place.

    Soft new walking shoes for baby

    Orthopedic support present


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