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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Gregor Navy

Running sneakers for kids with arches

Running sneakers for kids with arches.
Orthopedic sneakers for kids with support
Reinforced ankle support that is sturdy and soft in the back.
Whole ankle have to be aligned and supported in those sneakers.
If you compare them to Nike, Addidas or New Balance they are like night and day.
Common sneakers have no proper ankle nor orthopedic support that all kids feet do need.
That is why over time child becomes pronated, from cheap sneakers.
Those are orthopedic sneakers and they feature level support that older child does need.
Intoeing shoes or kids that correct toddlers feet.
Orthopedic ankle reinforced sole sole with best heel and ankle support.
Best sneakers for a boy that needs supportive shoes.
Made with blue/red leather and decorated with Geox logo.
Orthopedic support present that is molded into the soles.
Leather lining goes on the top
All the shoes, sneakers in Europe are manufactured exact same way since rubber is a flexible material and never goes flat.
That way the foot is always supported.
There is no orthopedic bumps in them anymore, arches present in the soles.
Contoured to the foot and they support kids feet to perfection.
This is a mix of mash material and leather perfect for Spring or Summer.
Flexible rubber sole, perfect for running.
Made in Europe by Geox according to orthopedic standards imposed by Ministry of Health.
Perfect sneakers with actual support for a boy and none marking soles
Supportive, soft and durable that any child will like.
They support child's foot equally well like leather shoes since in Europe no flat shoes is ever produced.

Orthopedic sneakers for boys with antisweat soles

Intoeing shoes or kids that correct toddlers feet


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