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Sandals designed by podistrist and made in Europe

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Lessie Pink

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    Sandals designed by podiatrist
    Profiled soles with closed ankle support backs

    Arches present in the soles like all the European sandals.
    None smell anti sweat soles present.
    ose pink smooth leather sandals.
    Profiled soles with closed sturdy backs for ankle support.
    Made in Europe with European Orthopedic Pediatric guidelines
    Every child footwear producer is required to make them orthopedic
    They have to support kids feet as footwear shapes and mold kids feet.
    If low quality shoes are on kids feet they will develop various foot problems over time.
    Avoid cheap sandals with no support, they are absolute worst for your kids feet.
    Only supportive shoes for a child 24/7 and as they grow their feet will develop normally

    Ankle supportive best walking sandals

    Weak ankles best sandals for girls


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