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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Burak Blue

Sandals for boys with high instep and wide thick instep

Sandals for babies with wide thick feet.
Wide and high instep best for toddlers and older boys.
Weak ankles with severe pronation effective.
Cause of kids foot pronation - none supportive shoes from China.
Sandals and shoes form babies and kids feet (even the tick high instep one) so it is important that they wear good shoes at all times.
Those sandals are with soft soles yet supportive reinforced heel for proper ankle alignment.
Truly orthopedic best quality sandals for proper foot development.
Those are best orthopedic sandals for a child that you can buy.
High arches, none sweat soles and they are finished to perfection.
Blue and jeans color leather.
Comfortable best quality sandals for a child that will truly support growing and developing thick feet.
Only quality best sandals come from Europe since they are manufactured according to orthopedic standards set in Europe.
Kids shoes in Europe are viewed as foot developmental need - not fashion.
Shoes for kids should be designed to form and support little growing thick feet to avoid all orthopedic problems.
Stay away from cheap shoes made in China that are widely sold in United States.
They are pure garbage shoes and they cause more damage to your kids thick feet and posture then you can even imagine.
That is why none of the European countries imports kids shoes from China since they destroy and deform kids thick feet.
Every European pediatrician and European parent knows that - we been paying for kids shoes great money since good quality shoes costs money.
Don't think of shoes for kids as disposable product that have to be cheap, we do not think that in Europe.
Once shoes are measured correctly child wears them entire season (5-6 months)
2 pairs of good shoes are needed for rotation for entire season.
Read more info about proper shoes for your child and how they affect kids feet and posture.

Please Note: this style runs big so order size smaller.
The soles on those sandals run big so store clients bought one size smaller. 

Sandals for babies with thick high instep

Supportive heel for proper ankle alignment


Steven - 07/09/2020

Good and ankle supportive for my boys pronation. Walks great in them and support is great

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