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Sandals sneakers for pigeon toed child

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Dobosz Blue

  • SKU: 55-7845895623
  • Tags:  pigeon toe shoes for kids

    Sandals for pigeon toed child.
    Orthopedic best corrective for small feet with proper support that every child does need.
    Over time they will align toddlers feet and body gait.
    Only European orthopedic pigeon toed sandals do that - not sandals made in China.
    Children feet are shaped and formed by sandals they wear so only best orthopedic pigeon toed corrective sandals are needed.
    Quality pigeon toed sandals as those will form and correct toddlers feet.
    Flat foot best high arch pigeon toed sandals for new walkers.
    Absolute need for a toddler with feet problems.
    New walker best baby pigeon toed sandals with good support.
    Excellent orthopedic arch support, breathable, soft and best quality.

    Anatomic sole that was designed in Biomechanical Institute.
    This sole is just anatomic perfection and designed for small child to take first steps.

    Blue and white leather.
    Feet will not sweat in those pigeon toed sandals ever.
    They offer best possible support.
    Pigeon toed preventive and corrective shoes, best that you can buy.
    Made in Spain by orthopedic doctors who know how to construct best shoes.
    You will be amazed how well they walk in them.
    Adorable little walkers for a baby boy

    Orthopedic arch pigeon toed child sandals

    Sturdy sole best new walking leather shoes


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