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Sandals new walkers pink leather orthopedic from Europe

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Flamingo Pink

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  • Orthopedic sandals for a new walkers for toddler with foot forming properties.
    If child wears low quality posture sandals then their feet will deform over time.
    Think of posture and how shoes or sandals affect foot development.
    Whole body is supported by feet so if they are deformed such a pronated or pigeon toed how is the body will be supported then?
    Whole body gait deforms with time from orthopedic problems that child will develop with cheap none supportive shoes.
    Trust us - you will see her ankle collapse, pronate and deform.
    It is from the shoes - nothing else.
    That is why we in Europe are totally "nuts" about quality shoes for kids.
    We understand the effects of shoes on kids feet and we are told that by European pediatric doctors in Europe.
    Shoes or sandals are equally expensive in Europe but every parent makes an investment since children need good shoes to be worn at all times.
    That is the biggest thing miss-understood in USA since parents are not told by local pediatricians that shoes do matter!
    Every child needs good supportive shoes or sandals - not just those with feet problems.
    We start children with good shoes and they wear them till they are teens.
    As a result money is saved on orthodics, doctors visits, AFO (they do not work at all by the way)
    The reason those shoes cost money since they literally act as medical product to correctly form and support kids feet during growth and development.
    Those sandals are lovely and properly made for kids.
    Good ankle and arch support for walking.
    Medical support posture sandals for kids with feet problems and best arch support.
    Flat foot best high arch posture sandals for child with feet problems.

    Feature flexible, anatomic sole
    Designed in Biomechanical Institute of Valencia.
    This sole is just anatomic perfection
    Child that learns to stand walk and take first steps.

    Pink leather with flamingo design, lovely style.
    No sweat soles for a child since kids feet sweat more then adults.
    Special insoles are added so they absorb sweat from kids feet.
    They need those insoles for sure since every baby has sweaty feet.
    If child wears good shoes with those insoles - feet do not sweat or smell.
    Those sandals are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe.

    Orthopedic sandals for child with good ankle support

    Sandals for kids with good arch


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