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Sandals are recommended by every pediatrician, high top ankle supportive baby boys sandals for summer. Soft leather good sole with traction for a new walkers.

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Hilos Gray

High tops that are recommended by pediatricians

Sandals recommended by every pediatrician
High top ankle supportive with good reinforced ankle support that every child does need.
That sturdy ankle support is needed for ankle pronation.
They stabilize baby's feet and keeps ankle structure in baby's foot.
Soft leather good sole with traction for a new walkers.
Made out of gray and lime leather and closed with double velcros
Anti sweat soles, high arches present in those sandals
Stable back heel support needed for new walking sandals.
Flexible lime breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Easy on and off with double velcros
They are perfect for chubby wide feet since they adjust nicely on boys feet.
Those are orthopedic kids sandals that are solidly constructed to give proper support to small developing foot.
Those type of sandals with proper ankle support are recommended by every doctor in Europe for children since they form and support kids feet and posture.
Over time they will form and develop kids feet and prevent any orthopedic problems.

Natural Leather is the best material for footwear recommended by every pediatrician in Europe. It has natural properties of absorbing moisture from the inside of the shoe and giving it away in the form of water vapor. The footwear is entirely made of the highest quality natural leather, which is resistant to abrasion and bending, absorbs sweat and unpleasant odors, making the shoes friendly to the child's feet.

Safety - the shoes do not contain any metal construction components that could hurt the child's foot in those sandals. All joints are made with seams and secure, certified glue. Soles with reinforced heel used in this footwear are made of Styrogum. Styrogum provides good grip (prevents slipping), the sole has a suitable non-slip tread. Styrogum and Natural Leather form a perfect pair that provides quality, comfort, convenience and durability.

Ease of use - the shoes are specially designed for the child's foot: they are light, flexible and very durable. The design of the sandal guarantees the proper development of the child's foot. The Flexible type sole used in this footwear easily bends on the toes (metatarsal joints) and has anti-slip properties.
Comfortable, adjustable fastenings reaching far towards the toe, facilitate insertion of the shoe and allow easy adjustment to the shape of the foot, The wide and high tip provides space for the correct positioning of the fingers and free movement of them, Highly stiffened heel, long stiffening pleats and a high upper reaching above the ankle, support the correct positioning of the foot in relation to the axis of the shin. It is possible to paste a correction insert prescribed by an orthopedic doctor.

Sole is made of natural materials in those sandals, Non-slip sole ensures good grip (prevents slipping), Has an appropriate tread, supportive heel supports the prevention of treatment of child's foot defects; Ankle supportive heel is a specially profiled heel, recommended in the case of valgus of the feet and knees. The use of a supportive heel supports the prevention of foot defect treatment, correcting the direction of the pressure of the lower limbs.

High top ankle supportive baby boys sandals for summer

Soft leather good sole with traction for a new walkers


Milli C - 23/12/2019

Great fitting little sandal for a toddler with actual arch support inside. Durable beyond my expectations.

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