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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Shitaki Purple

Sandals to support feet
Pigeon toed corrective feet best
Proper ankle support, good arches, sturdy feet and ankle support best child medical sandals.
Best for wide high instep feet since they easily regulate at the toes and instep.
True orthopedic ankle high sandals walkers for kids with orthopedic feet problems.
Suggested for kids with weak ankles, pronation, pigeon toes and other orthopedic conditions.
Wide to extra wide feet high instep best sandals for a child.
High top orthopedic support in them as they should be since they form their feet
Those shoes are made in Europe and they restore and support kids feet to perfection.
They are designed to restore kids feet and prevent all orthopedic problems in children.
Fully adjustable for proper fit and support.
Best quality purple and lavender leather.
Fully adjustable style perfect for kids with wide high instep feet.
Leather, arches, none smell soles, ortho support sandals made according to European Orthopedic Standards.
Close back and covered front for active kids.
The best playground, preschool sandals for girls.
Avoid local none orthopedic shoes and do not rotate them with those quality sandals.
Cheap shoes, sandals, boots, sneakers destroy kids feet.
Whatever good quality sandals aligns and supports kids feet the cheap one deforms and destroy line up.

Please Note: the soles on those sandals run big so order size smaller.

Pigeon toed corrective best sandals

High instep sandals


Karmen Demorca, PA  -  27/12/2019

Best sandals I ever got for my toddler with pronated ankles. They support ankles so well and never give my child any blisters. Orthopedic best for a child. Next summer will buy them again for summer. Worth the money.

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