Boys good arch beige leather sandals from France

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Brand: Bopy

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Sandals for a toddler with arches
Natural leather beige and red color for boys with good arch
Comfort and durability in one.
Great support for flat feet and falling ankles.
Ortho best like all the shoes made in Europe.
Type of sandal every child should wear as their feet are forming and growing.
In Europe ever manufacturer is obligated to sell shoes manufactured in Europe
They have to follow guidelines set by European Union.
Meaning no component of leather, sole, decoration cannot be imported from low cost countries.
Why? Since quality and orthopedic support have to be preserved.
Why? Since kids feet are formed by shoes they wear thus - no cheap shoes is sold at all in Europe.
Quality shoes only. You have a choice of any manufacturer you like but shoes have to met orthopedic guidelines set by pediatric society.
Those sandals fit the bill, like all the ones on that website.

Natural leather sandals for boys with good arch

Beige sandals for a child with good arch


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