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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Halibut Gray

Tall Leather Ankle Sandals for Boys | Closed Heel Support

Sandals with ankle support
Stable reinforced heel best for weak ankle, tip toe walking
Pronation best high top ankle sandals.
Those tall ankle sandals feature reinforced heel, good orthopedic arch and none sweat soles.
Orthopedic best for toddlers to correctly form and support their feet.
Those ankle sandals will benefit all kids but especially those with weak ankle, pronation or tip toe walking.
Orthopedic best ankle sandals that you can buy as they form and support kids feet and posture.
Will test great in ultra hot weather.
Made in Europe not China.
We do not sell sandals made in China since they are not orthopedic.
No blisters or smelly feet ever in those ankle sandals
Padded inside so will not cause any discomfort for a child.
High tops ankle sandals with proper ankle support for boys

Tippy toes stop ankle sandals for boys with best supportive leather ankle sandals.
Arch support ankle sandals for kids
Made out of tall supportive ankle high reinforced heel and soft gray natural leather with white accent.
Top quality ankle sandal for a child.
High arches inside and none sweat soles present.
Truly supportive best walking sandals for a child that are best start up walkers
Those type of sandals are appropriate to wear as first shoes, new walkers and then for toddlers as well.
Small children do need ankle support to support pronated weak ankles
Whole body is supported by feet and kids ankles are weak
So ankle support is very important for smaller children.
Those sandals are phenomenal and they wear great in hot weather
They will not perspire, no blisters, no smelly feet even in ultra hot weather.
Padded collar for comfort so child will be comfortable in them walking.
Try them for your child they are truly great orthopedic sandals.

High tops sandals with proper ankle support for boys

Tippy toes stop baby best supportive leather shoes


Nina, San Diego, CA  -  23/11/2019

Orthopedic with good ankle support for a child, wore great for my son and will by them again and again.

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