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Sheep leather purple waterproof boots for children

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Lexi Purple

  • SKU: 45785258
  • Sheep leather waterproof boots for children
    Purple leather and waterproof best boots that you can buy for a child.
    Tall warm and best for cold winter.
    Orthopedic arch added to profiled soles.
    Even winter boots in Europe are orthopedic.
    Orthopedic arches are molded to the soles of the model and they are lined with wool.
    Wool is a natural material so feet never sweat in them.
    Made in Europe out of quality leather, wool and gortex mix.
    They will never leak any water nor snow.
    They insulate feet perfectly and provide best orthopedic support for a child.
    This is example of best child's snow boots.
    They are light in weight, with supportive heel so ankles will not collapse like in UGS.
    Good soles with arches and traction on the outside of the boot.
    Cheap boots those heavy rubber ones and UGS will destroy your kids feet and cause ankle pronation and pigeon toes.
    Shoes for a child have to be best quality possible with orthopedic support for proper ankle alignment.

    Tall warm and best for cold winter

    Excellent orthopedic arch and supportive sole


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