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Shoes for babies taking first steps
Super stable walkers with proper soles and support.
Regural to wide width baby slippers with arches.
House shoes for a baby that is taking first steps and learning to walk
Multi colorful canvas material.
Decorated with a green leather butterfly.
Close with a frontal velcro.
Has all the makings of proper ortho support for young walker.
Kids feet could be easily damaged with low quality shoes
Therefore invest in good house shoes and and leather shoes for your baby.
Million of children in Europe wear only such quality slippers and shoes and end up with perfect feet.
Flexible pink breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Slippers/canvas to be worn inside
They could be worn with or without socks.
Every child wears them in Europe.
Orthopedic best for your child.
Those canvas support toddlers foot equally good as leather shoes do but children wear them inside the house or daycare.
Orthopedic arches are added to the sole of the model.
Sole is contoured to support little feet and arch support is added.
Ankle support is present there as well since all children need that.
None sweat innersoles are added as well since kids feet perspire double then adults.
You can rest assured that those slippers will support kids feet to perfection and property provide optimal support for a child.
Canvas is a breathable material but added with supportive sole it provides excellent foot and ankle support.

Wide width baby slippers with arches.

Learning to walk best baby slippers


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Laria, Miami 2015-11-25 00:54:17

Simply adorable! Best quality walkers for a child! My baby learned to walk in them and she still wears them around the house. This little shoe has support, ankle support and flexible sole. They do give baby needed support and they have soft rubber sole with good traction. My daughter likes them a lot and cries when I take them off so here we go...great slipper and I will buy them again for sure as soon as she outgrows them.