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Shoes for babies with fat and wide feet

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Product Code: Kuba Blue

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    Shoes for babies with fat and wide feet
    High instep best for wide fat feet for a new walker.
    They measured to fit chubby baby fat feet boy with wide fat feet and high instep.
    Fat feet in children is a common thing especially when they are small.
    Over time fat feet will slim down as the child body changes.
    Width in European fat shoes is determined by sole used on the given model.
    Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat baby feet - no problem with shoe fit in European walkers.
    Soles are fat feet and wide as well with good support and traction.
    Absolute best fat feet walkers for kids with ortho support.
    Blue/gray/orange leather best for wide fat feet.
    Will never sweat in those lovely wide fat feet walkers.
    Ortho ankles, arches best support for fat feet.
    Buy only footwear from Europe for your baby
    They are the best for growing fat feet.
    They form their fat feet, posture ankles.
    Provide needed ankle support, heel support and orthopedic arch.
    They absorb sweat from kids fat feet due to special anti sweat innersoles.

    The soles contain arch support and ankle support that is needed for a small walker.
    Europeans measure the width in fat shoes they producing in average 100 children
    The sole is measured from size to size and it is wider from size 20,21, 22, 23, 24 etc.
    Contrary in China no factory measures the width of any footwear they produce.
    They add the length and that is all.
    That is why fat shoes from China are so miss-fitted and quality is so horrible.
    There is no efford on factory side to measure the soles correctly and produce any supportive quality.
    Keeping cost low is a key here.
    The cheaper the better so company in USA can make more profit on the footwear.
    Did you know that it cost about $3 with shipping to USA to produce a pair of average child fat shoes in China?
    Well, then local company can sell them to you at $50.00-$60.00
    So what kind of value are you getting here for $3.00. How does the shoe that is cheaply made would support your child's fat feet?
    How would that develop them as healthy walkers?
    That is why footwear made in China destroy and deform toddlers fat feet.
    Don't be fulled by the fact that footwear made in China are good for wide fat feet.
    Well, they are but they are not measured at all, they do not offer any orthopedic support that child truly does need it.

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