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Shoes for babies with fat and wide feet

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Product Code: Kuba Blue

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      Shoes for babies with fat and wide feet
      High instep best for new walker.
      They measured to fit chubby baby boy.
      Soles are wide as well.
      Absolute best walkers for kids with ortho support.
      Blue/gray/orange leather.
      Will never sweat in those lovely shoes.
      Ortho ankles, arches best support.
      Buy only shoes from Europe for your baby
      They are the best for growing feet.
      They form their feet, posture ankles.

      Ankle support baby walking shoes

      Soft new walkers for toddler boys


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      Melania - Santa Barbara 2015-03-18 20:35:35

      Awesome shoes for a young man! I got them for my son and he loves them. They are soft in soles but support inside is fabulous! My baby wears them everyday with no issues. No socks just those shoes. No smell comes from them either as expected from quality shoes. Love European shoes for myself so of course I want best one for my baby. Will be buying next pair very soon. Thanks,

      Lena, Melbourne 2014-03-08 17:28:05

      Hello from Australia! Thank you for those wonderful shoes and 2 pairs of sandals that my baby enjoyed entire Summer. Those shoes tested so well that we are now fan of your shoes. Beautiful, supportive, great leather and fit was great for my little boy chubby foot. He wears those shoes now and does not want to give them away as I see they a bit small. I just placed another order for 3 pairs since we can replace this pair for bigger size. Thank you for measuring all the soles for us in cm..everything fitted perfectly with some growing room out of the need for exchanges. I love your shoes and I continue to buy them for many years.