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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Luiza Navy

School shoes for child with flat feet

Shoes for child with flat feet
Good orthopedic shoes for girls from Europe
Proper arches, ankle support and none sweat soles.
Type of a shoe that every child is wearing them in Europe.
Shoes are important for kids since they form their feet and posture.
All orthopedic problems are preventable with best shoes as those.
Pigeon toes, ankle pronation, flat feet, ankles turning inwards are cause of cheap shoes with no support.
Orthopedic shoes means they form and support kids feet and assuring proper foot development.
They are not only for kids with feet problems, but kids in general so their feet will align correctly and support whole posture and body.

Good orthopedic shoes for girls from Europe

Navy shoes for a child for daily wear


Marina - Northbrook, IL - 10/07/2020

Great shoes........I am glad that I decided to buy them for new school season.

Alysa D from TX - 14/04/2020

Those are suberb quality shoes. I got them in January for my daughter as a replacement for school shoe and for 4 months of everyday wear they look brand new. I must add that my daughter is tough on shoes in general. I always bought her European quality shoes since they are the best for kids feet. I had all the brands - you name it - I had it. Many of them wore great as expected. Those shoes are among the best ones she ever owned. I truly recommend them to any mom searching for quality school or casual shoes.

Liliana - Kenilworth, IL - 25/09/2019

I do like those shoes! Well made, great arch support and leather on them is well processed. They do not scuff, and practically look new. I got them 2 months ago and so far so good. No complaints.

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