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Shoes for kids wide feet and high arches

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Nora Fuchsia

  • SKU: 12-452
  • Shoes for kids wide feet and high arches
    Girls leather ankle supportive sneakers with flowers.
    Good orthopedic arches present
    Anti sweat soles present
    Proper ankle support preventive for pronation.
    Reinforced ankle support at the heel so they do not bent when child is walking.
    You can easily fit orthodics into them since heel is supported well in them.
    Corrective shoes for kids with ankles turning inwards.
    Pink purple sneakers for a girls - truly lovely shoes.
    Quality best leather manufactured in Europe without any traces of mercury.
    Europe has strict restrictions on type of leather treatments and dyes that are used as colorants.
    Shoes from China always contain traces of mercury in their leather, especially for children.
    Children will not sweat wearing those sneakers due to special innersoles with good arches.
    Soft soles added and very durable despite being patent leather with nubuck mix.
    Unique sneakers for a child from Europe.
    Lovely durable shoes with proper support.

    Good arch girls sneakers for walking

    Pink purple sneakers for a girl with best support


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