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Girls flat feet and ankle pain relief shoes

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Ania Lavender

  • SKU: 55-785452356
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    Shoes for pain and flat feet
    Girls casual shoes for everyday wear made in Europe.
    Toddler walks on tippy toes correction shoes.
    Leather arch support best shoes for kids.
    Arches are manufactured into the soles of the shoes
    It is a  common technology used widely in Europe.
    There is no flat shoes ever produced for kids in any European country.
    Child will never sweat in those shoes either, have special innersoles that capture smell and sweat.
    Lavender nubuck leather.
    Decorated with flowers and pins.
    Best daily shoes for a girl imported from France.
    Those are great daily casual shoes for child to wear in Spring or Summer.
    You can wear them barefoot entire summer. 
    Ankle high best toddler footwear for walking with high instep.
    Stop smelly feet for toddler with those mary janes - for sure - will not sweat.
    Inside leather orthopedic arch with antibacterial innersoles for comfort walking and dry feet.
    Arches present in the soles of those great supportive shoes. 
    Matching ergonomic soles for kids.
    Superior quality, very soft shoe that could be worn entire season with ease.
    European made orthopedic best for toddler with feet problems plus those who starting to walk and want to have well formed feet and posture.

    Toddler walks on tippy toes correction shoes

    Leather arch support best shoes for kids


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