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Shoe for toddlers to learn how to stand and walk

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Maximillian Orange

  • SKU: 66-66
  • Shoe for toddlers to learn how to stand and walk.
    High top boots for a toddler with high arch
    Corrective shoes for a toddler
    High tops for child at its best.
    Made out of light orange and brown leather.
    Best for learning to stand, walk and take first steps.
    Totally waterproof leather boot.
    Lovely color, leather and best ortho support for a boy.
    Boots as those are a need for child so their feet form correctly.
    Avoid cheap shoes for your child as they destroy their feet.

    High top boots for a toddler with high arch

    Pronation best corrective shoes for a toddler


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    One Honest Mom 2014-02-20 01:21:58

    I got them for my son because his right foot was tilting inwards. I went to podiatrist and he said that he will grow out of it - but it has been 2 years and it is getting worst and worst to the point that my son begun walking inwards. I honestly think that our podiatrists have no clue that cheap not supportive shoes effect child's walking. I never knew that but I begun reading on-line various articles and info from that site. I got those boots back in October and I can see that my son walks better, much better and I see his feet begun to line up. I exchanged many e-mails with that store and they insist on quality orthopedic shoes for a child to be worn all the times. Those shoes really do work and line up kids feet. How come no doctor ever mentioned that to me? I think because we have zero quality in this country then shoes equally should be cheap? I can also admit that his feet are never wet, smell or he ever trips in them plus they really transformed his feet.

    Sara - 2014-02-03 18:31:03

    I love those boots for my baby. Wide width and perfect for his wide feet. Perfect arch support and leather top notch. Not to mention they are so handsome and beautiful. He wears them everywhere and I had people asking me when I got them many times. You could tell they are made in Europe.

    Janelle - SC 2014-01-04 15:39:15

    Excellent quality and color is beautiful. Solidly made shoes for a child with a great arch support. I am very pleased. Will be back for Spring shoes for my baby.