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Shoes that shape kids feet and support ankles
Blue leather orthopedic high tops boots for a baby.
Best for weak ankles and flat feet.
Orthopedic best boys leather ankles and flat feet shoes made in Europe
Quality leather used, best arches present.
Shoes are blue with red and soles on them are white rubber.
Rubber soles are sprayed with gray paint to camouflage the white soles so they do not get dirty.
It is a newest trend in Europe.
Ankles  and flat feet shoes provide stability for a child and at the same time form kids foot.
They shape kids feet and ankles in proper healthy way.
Feet affect entire posture and body gait so only best ankles flat feet shoes for your child.
Avoid low quality ankles shoes for your baby as they will end up with deformed feet
Ankles flat feet shoes made in China are made out of low quality leathers
Offer no support no arches and do not support their ankles.
Over time you notice child has walking problems and collapsed feet and pronated ankles.
Why? What happened?
Well the flat feet shoes child been wearing deformed their feet and weakened the ankles.
Local sneakers, crocks, Ugs, Keens - they all garbage shoes.
None orthopedic none supportive - no ortho arches, no heel support, made out of rubber (worst thing for developing feet), they smell as well rubber is not a natural material.
Even if you get orthodics from doctor they will not restore kids weak ankles feet.
Orthodics create some improvement but never restore kids weak ankles feet.
Only ankle supportive orthopedic ankles flat feet shoes will do that over time.
That is why in Europe no child is wearing cheap none supportive footwear ever, no ankle support, not orthopedic - not allowed for production.
Every producer in Europe makes quality shoes only.
We put quality ankles best flat feet preventive shoes on a child from new walkers to teens and end up with perfect feet and posture.

Arched shoes for a toddler

Excellent arch support boots for toddlers


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Tim NC 2019-12-21 13:46:04

I would say they run smaller so order size bigger. Stiffer at first but loosen nicely after one wear. Orthopedic best and made by a doctor it says on labels.

Simona 2019-12-21 11:45:54

Ankle high, good support, orthopedic made a wold of difference in my toddler walking. A bit stiffer at first but after they loosen up they are perfect.