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Snow shoes that support ankles in kids

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Brands Kopecki

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  • Shoes that support ankles in kids
    Ankle pronation best kids boots
    Gray and yellow snow boots for a boy with best support.
    Waterproof and quality.
    Even winter boots for a child in Europe are orthopedic - Yes they are!
    No flat garbage boots are ever produced in Europe, either supportive or nothing.
    Footwear industry for kids is regulated since kids shoes are viewed as medical, developmental need.
    Made out of gray natural ecological leather with yellow accent.
    Good arches added to the soles.
    Feet will never sweat in those boots
    as they lined with waterproof fleece.
    That keeps feet not sweating and protected.
    Flexible black rubber sole with superior traction.
    Those boots are great for snow and cold winter and daily wear.
    Protective tongue is added so the snow does not get into the boot.
    Constructed not to leak any water or snow.

    Orthopedic arches are added to the sole of the model.
    All the snow boots made like that since no flat shoes is produced in Europe.
    They are leather so elegant looking and well fitted.
    Proper orthopedic arches present added to the sole of the model.
    Ankle is supported as well and that prevents pronation in kids.
    Good rubber soles with good traction so no slip in a snow or rain.
    Child will never sweat in them either due to special soles.
    Boy can wear them to school and daily wear and at the same time foot is supported at all times.

    Ankle pronation best kids boots

    Orthopedic arch with support build


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    Celine 2014-10-03 23:40:13

    Great snow boots - my son will enjoy them this winter. In Wisconsin we get so much snow so warm, waterproof quality boots is a must. I have been a clients since 2006 and European shoes are simply the best! Once you try them you never buy Chinese crap again. My son's feet are straight and he is not pigeon toed or has any feet issues. That is simply to quality shoes he always had as a baby and now as a teen.

    Tamara - Washington DC 2014-01-19 00:07:34

    Nice wool, warm and well made snow boots. Not so heavy, bulky but just right. My son wears them to school and outside everyday and his feet are always warm and dry. There is natural wool inside not a cold Gortex. You cannot compare them to Primigi or Naturino (had them both in a past) and those are like from higher shelf. Quality all the way, pricey but that is what you pay in Europe for quality. Shoes are expensive there as well but for a reason.