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Shoes to prevent toe walking in kids
Flat foot best ankle
support boots for kids
Corrective orthopedic and made in Italy
Absolute best high tops for a child
Made by Italian brand Pink Apple out of best quality leather.
Brown patent leather filled with sequins on the front.
Decorated with also hand stitched girls face.
Encouraged to wear by every foot doctor in Europe
Best boots corrective high tops for kids with actual support.

Kids feet are shaped by shoes they have so buy best shoes for your kids.

Brown leather boots for child from Italy

High arch leather boots for kids


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Monica from NY 2012-07-09 23:42:22

Those boots are like work of art - literally. I bought them as a gift for my best friend's child for her b-day. Well, they turned out to be a hit at the party and my friend was in a "clouds" when she saw them. The leather, quality is supreme as expected. They are hand made shoes with detail, sequence, fit and all - 100 stars. I am glad that I got them.